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November 17, 2013
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Anti Faction: Khai by Yuuye Anti Faction: Khai by Yuuye


“…It does not matter…I wouldn’t mind living a life of regret…”

Name: Khai

Alias: Angel (by Cain ), Khai

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 65kg

Character Birthday: June 29

Hometown: TBA


Species: White House Finch (Bird)

Occupation: Mercenary


Faction: Immunis Birds

Title: Member

Base:  -



    -          Irascible: Khai is easily irritated. He hates dealing with bothersome and annoying things.

    -          Introvert: Khai likes to keep to himself because he is rather shy. He doesn’t know how to naturally or properly make friends and talk to people, so he decides to save himself the trouble and not try at all. He speaks formally, but can be rude, sarcastic, blunt, and harsh. He’s independent and dislikes people helping him. If someone talks to him, he’ll take a while to answer. And when he talks without thinking first, he sometimes stutters by accident or gets tongue-tied.

    -          Cynical: A skeptic about most people, he’ll think you’re a suspicious person and wonder what you want from him. It’s hard for him to trust people.

    -          Calm: Khai is calm and nonchalant most of the time, but if he gets annoyed, he just glares at people or ignore them.

    -          Pessimistic: He is somewhat of a pessimistic and morbid person. His self-esteem is rather low, but doesn’t show it.

    -          Loyal: When and if he has a friend, he will be protective. He may not be honest about it, but he does care about his companions.

    -          Dense: He can’t read the mood, and you’ll have to be direct with him if you want to get a point across.  

    -          Selfish: Khai dislikes doing favors and helping people for free. He’ll charge or keep tabs on everyone, even his friends. If you want something from him, you’ll have to pay him. If someone ends up helping him, he’ll feel indebted and will feel obligated to return the favor.



+The Sky

+Anything Comfortable and Peaceful

+Pain (It'll make him feel alive and not empty)

+Books (Particularly Children’s Books or Picture Books)

+Good Food

+Classical music





-Standing Out

-Annoying/Officious  people

-His Wings


- Solving Problems

-Helping people


Strength: Khai is strong, quick, and agile. He knows how to survive in fights and escape when he needs to. He’s great with hand-to-hand combats and sword attacks. He doesn't hesitate to kill, but usually ignores his body, so he gets hurt a lot.

Specialty Skills: Melee Weapons, Sneak, Endurance


    -          Khai doesn't take proper care of himself. He doesn't know how to cook or do a lot of basic.

    -          His wings.

    -          Long range combat/Automatic weapons

    -          Technology

    -          Uncharismatic: He can’t lie at all. He sucks at persuasion and is usually on someone’s bad side.

    -          Unlucky

    -          Claustrophobic

    -          His perception is rather low. He mostly concentrates on what’s in front of him.  


Entity: Haku – A common rose finch. He’s small, quick, and protective of Khai. Although Haku can’t fight, he is Khai’s second pair of eyes. He warns Khai of oncoming attacks or enemies from afar. He’s also Khai’s spy. Haku keeps Khai company and likes to sing for him.

Weapon: Katana

Additional Perks: Heavy Handed, Small Frame



Khai grew up in a strict household in Wasteland. His father was a martial artist and his mother was a workaholic, money-driven woman. Growing up, Khai learned how to fight and be strong from his father but barely saw his mother home. It was very strict and stern, and he felt suffocated all the time.

When the bomb hit, Khai was only nine and mutated into a bird kemonomimi. His father died from the mutation, and his mother turned into a rabbit kemonomimi. In the process, their house crumbled, and they lost all their possessions. With nowhere to go and no money at hand, his desperate mother gave him to the Vault, so she would not have an extra hand to feed. In the Vault, Khai spent part of his life being experimented on. It was tortuous and traumatizing to the point he can rarely feel pain anymore and hates being in confined spaces. Because of his experience, he has come to hate himself and his wings in particular.

In the Vault, he managed to meet a decent middle aged man named Liam, a tiger kemonomini and former soldier. As the years progressed, Liam taught Khai what he knew. They planned to escape from the Vault; however, on the fated day, Liam sacrificed his life in order for Khai to get away. Outside in the ravaged city of Wasteland, Khai adapted quickly to the new environment. He spent the next few years wandering around Wasteland with no aim in mind. He became a mercenary as his main job.



    -          Cain - Friend of Khai's for approximately four years now. Cain is one of the nicest person he has met. Although he does not like his nickname, he allows Cain to call him "Angel." 

    -          Target  -Target is one of the saner persons Khai has met. He seems reliable, too. He is quite nice to Khai, and Khai is able to speak more naturally with him, although Khai is still awkward. He gets along better with Target’s papercranes; at least that's what he thinks.

  -               Seph - “Give me back my peaceful day…and wallet,” is what Khai thinks when he sees Seph. :iconshadowedplz: Seph is somewhat crazy – almost killing the poor boy…. Khai remembers threatening the man, but that was all talk. Somehow, Seph owes him something equivalent to two meals. If not, Khai will personally hunt down Seph.         = u =

 - ooo Currently in a relationship with the dork known as  Target  


    -          He has a lot of scars on his body, mostly on his back. He wears long clothing to hide all his scars.

    -          He dislikes displaying his wings because it’s too flashy and distracting, so he bandages them up and usually wears his cardigan over it. In other words, it’s rare for someone to see his wings. He uses a feather from his wing as an earring to indicate he’s a bird kemonomini.

    -          He can’t fly.

    -          He only wears his mask during jobs or when he feels like it.

    -          Oddly, if he sits still for too long, flocks of birds tend to surround him.

    -          His entity, Haku, can’t talk, but Khai understands him clearly.

    -          He dresses plainly and causally to avoid attention. His actions are usually discreet.

I’ll post up more  detailed reference sooner or later!

For now: 

Full Body -

Without Mask/Hidden Wings:

Waiting is always scary ;; A ;; 

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